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In this section, we have included some useful resources to enhance patient knowledge and share some findings from the complementary medical field. Take a look at the various articles below and feel free to bookmark them for later use.

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Yin Yang Food: Food is healing, find ideas about what foods could you add to your daily meals.

Standing with Arms Stretching out to Sky

Qi and Aging: aging is part of life however with the right attitude and a healthy happy lifestyle the body can stay strong and the mind sharp. 

MRI Scan Image

Acupuncture and Brain Health: injuries, accidents, illnesses, viruses, concussions, and falls may lead to persisting symptoms such as mood swings, personality changes, fatigue, insomnia, memory and concentration issues, drowsiness, and ringing of the ear. 

My office specialized in Neuroacupuncure. Call for an evaluation at 484-536-9197

Back Pain

Acupuncture and Pain Management: whether is acute or chronic pain, the feeling is uncomfortable and disrupting.  The body is communicating to you that there is something wrong by sending signals to the brain. Once the brain registers the signal, the information is processed and the pain is perceived. 

My office specialized in pain management. Call for an evaluation at 484-536-9197

Therapy session

PTSD & Car Accidents

Acupuncture is a safe therapeutic treatment that has proven to be effective in reducing PTSD and C-PTSD symptoms from any trauma.

Physical Health Inspiration

Mental Health Inspiration

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